Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hostel visit

Stayed with Bob Peoples at the Kincora Hiker Hostel. Highly recommend it! He and his wife, Pat, run a great establishment. $4 for shower, laundry, bunk, and shuttle to town! Ordered pizza when I got there with everyone else - yes I at 1.5 medium pizza's - still amazed at the appetite in town. The next morning - we all had chipped in money and Brahma Bull and Pixie cooked for 20 of us. Eggs, bacon, juice, biscuits, and Pixie made crepes for all of us! Strawberries, banana's, Nutella, whipped creme - the whole nine yards. And the best part - I'm still losing weight. burning 5,500 calories a day allows this kind of splurging. I'm going to hitch hike back to Damascus for trail days (16-18th) and hope to sign up with Bob for "Hard Core" so I can help build more trail. They are going to be relocating part of the AT.

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