Tuesday, May 27, 2008

down Dragon's Tooth was a wee bit harder

The climb up Dragon's Tooth really wasn't that bad - obviously I couldn't get to the very top. We kept wondering why Tree and Moonpie and mentioned that this was going to be hard. And then we started our desent. Going down was very steep, several places had these steps bolted into the wall that you had to go hand over hand with. Many of the ledges -were only wide enough for one shoe - so slow going and two hands would have been prefered. I think in 3 spots I would not have physically been able to make the climb if it weren't for Professor Longjohns. You had to use 2 hands for the hold to lower yourself down - which I couldn't do. He would go ahead of me - brace against the rock - take my left hand - and I would kind of slide, fall, into him - trying to get footing while he kept us from falling off the rock face. A little touchy. I was able to carry my full pack the entire way - which was really important to me - but again - without his help - wouldn't have made it. Thx!

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