Tuesday, July 1, 2008

old marker and half time report

here is the actually midpoint marker on the trail. The actual milage changes every year - this one is from the 80's and is almost 20 miles off from today. Thought I should give a halftime report. 1,088 miles in 80 days so 13.6 miles a day for average. (jumps up to 14.9 if you take out my 7 zeros). 27 days of rain and 3 days of snow. Have taken 19 showers (one every 57 miles or 23% of the time). Have seen 11 bears, hiked 2 marathons, on my second pair of shoes and have fallen down 5 times. (twice in the snow, once in a creek - dislocating my finger, once on a ridge as I couldn't use my poles due to finger, and once crossing over a blow down tree). One patchy beard, and one great looking kilt.

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katie pope said...

NICE math skills!!! you make me proud kd... =)