Friday, July 4, 2008

Citrus Rocks!

absolutely love hiking in NJ! The first 40-60 miles have been rocky - but nothing compared to PA. They take us up on ridges and actually show us views, lots of bears, overall really pretty. Has been hot and water is scarce - but one of my favorite areas to hike so far. At the end of a 21 miler into the Gren Anderson Shelter. Had stopped in town for diner and was treated horribly by the help at Kevin's Stakehouse. Very demeaning - had never been made to feel that bad - especially when the 4 of us dropped $90 (Boat, Sojo, Freebird and myself). Couldn't shake it - but as I rolled into the shelter came across the group of 20+ 16-17 year old kids. They were part of Citrus - C.I.T's or Counselors In Training for a summer camp. What an amazing group of kids. They were so energetic, sharing food, and asking TONS of questions about the hike. They were proud of us - and the energy rubbed off - instantly putting me into a great mood. The next morning they hooked us up with bagels, cream cheese and craisons. What a great group of kids - glad my life was touched by them. Can't wait to play a good game of "manhunt" and send a special shout out to PTB (potato thunder bolt) and Naptime! Hopefully our talks will lead to at least one of them trying the AT in the future.


Anonymous said...

i was one of those kids. thanks for touching our lives. you honestly had an impact every single one of us. keep going, this accomplishment will be the best in your life.

Anonymous said...

i was also one of those kids. i just wanted to say thanks. we only met briefly but you managed to changed my life. you gave me inspiration. we talked about you for weeks after we met you on the trail. keep up the good work, you're a great guy. thank you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the other two comments your a really cool guy and we were all happy to meet you, your an insperation.
- glass