Thursday, April 10, 2008

Franklin and the big hill

Did a 16.5 mile day yestrday - some pretty steep trail to get to highway 64 - check out the sign - atleast they warn you before they kick your ass. Alberts mountain was good - tough rocks to climb but a good change of pace. Had to hitch hike for a good 20 mins but a propane truck driver picked me up. Took me the 11 miles into town - got me in his personal car - and to the post office 10 mins before they close. Offered to take me to the store - which I didn't need since I just picked up a PO drop - but did take me to a hostel. The 1st Baptist church picked me up and took me for all you can eat pancakes, bacon and orange juice. I swear you guys are going to think this is easy!!!! I can't believe how much the communities help the thru hikers. I've heard that it isn't this good as you get farther north. Cold front coming in - this is day 10 - getting close to the Smokies and going to be in for some snow from what we've heard. Will make this cold weather gear that I am carrying - worth it - I guess. Hard to believe that this is already the 10th day - going by quickly.


Morgan said...

WOW, that is so cool. Raining back in KC too. The view is definately better than the Katy.
Have fun!

Dave said...

Keep sharing your adventures with us. It is great to learn about the experience.

Dave Caldwell

Anonymous said...

Kevin-so awesome to read about your adventure! You sound like you are having a good time, meeting alot of nice "folks" and really livin' off the land! Can't wait to read more, by the way, my sister is hooked on reading about you too! - Stacy

Stacey said...

KD aka Blaze,

I caught up on your travels today, what an amazing experience. I'm cheering for your continued success and good fortune. I'm glad the weather broke. It snowed in KC today, so no telling what weather is in store for you.

I hope you will continue to post, I'm learning so much and enjoy hearing your stories funny and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Keep it up, good luck 'finding life's direction'!!
Stacey B

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see how you're doing. Love reading the updates and the photos are great.
I'm glad you haven't been chased down by any wild boars. Just remember - stick with a group and you only have to be faster then the slowest person.
Hang in there and keep the updates coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin - it's so amazing what you are doing! It's incredibly inspiring (as I'm stitting here in my Hallmark cube). Keep your head up & we all enjoy reading your blogs! :) jen b.

Nicole Reid said...

Hey Kevin-
I am so glad and inspired that you are still going strong. What an amazing journey!

I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Take care!