Monday, March 31, 2008


I learned a ton on this trip - one being that you have to "flow". Since we couldn't make our mileage we had to change plans. We were able to get a B+B in Booneville - an old mansion, on day 4. The hot shower felt good. Though neither one of us slept that good in an actual bed. Weird - it had only been 4 days but a bed didn't seem "right". Can't imagine what it will feel like after 6 months. I also learned that it is hard to hike with someone 6 inches taller - as their stride is so much longer. Picking up a few inches on every footstep adds up. This was the day that I told Morgan to go on ahead - not to wait on me - as I was dragging - and wanted him to get a shower and relax. Over the course of the remaining 14 miles, he beat me by an hour and a half!

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