Friday, October 24, 2008

to help guide me . . . .

Here is a close up of Rhett filling in the color and the finished product. I had been thinking about another tat for years but never had something that meant that much. Accomplishing the AT (with everything that I went through) justified it. If you remember the very begining of this blog - the moto for the journey came from an Eddie Vedder song lyric, "gonna rise up, find my direction - magnetically" (and a close friend had that engraved on the back of my ipod). The compass is high up on my back - to look over my shoulder and always make sure my life is going in the correct direction. I chose to only call out the N - as a reminder that I was a NOBO on the AT (actually never slackpacked - so went North 100% of the time - which was important to me). The daisy in the middle - reminds me that I should always center myself with nature and the environment. Orange and Navy Blue are two of my favorite colors (and yellow just looks good with orange). The daisy is white - but still had some blood seeping through so it looks a little pink - that will change with time. I LOVE it!

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Dana and Justin said...

Hey Stinky!!! Great new ink! Love it! You will have to stop by the store and let me see it sometime!
Talk to you soon,