Thursday, October 23, 2008

cleaned up with professional help

Well - been back for 3 weeks. Still don't have a job - but ok with that. Friends have helped out by letting me stay on the couch. I have a second interview with a local gear shop - hope to know more next week - it is really where I want to be. I remember how Katie (the girl from another outfitter) helped excite me and talked me into hiking (as well as helping me with my pack selection and starting the ball rolling). I want to do that for someone else. I want to change their life, like Katie changed mine. I have also found an apartment that is only 1 mile from the retail store. I will be able to ride my bike to work and to the grocery store - which is very important to me. Our environment should be the #1 concern of our next President. Each of us can do our part - but we need a strong leader to make massive, and quick changes. Feeling pretty good with my life right now, had to get a new cell phone (found out that 6 months in the woods is hard on them.) Bought a laptop - so with those 2 things I am highly mobile, which I love. If I can get a small (under 700 sq ft) appt and ride a bike to work - I will be in a very happy place. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Hope to purge a lot of stuff when I move - be checking Craigs list! I set up a Facebook account to keep in touch with everyone - and the best part about having a professional photographer as an ex wife - is being able to get a great head shot for free! Thanks Amy (well, actually David - he gets photo credit - he created this image a couple of days ago). Quite a bit better than my handheld shot up against the bricks, standing outside of a Panera (borrowing Internet). I am leaving in a bit to go get my tattoo! I'll have pictures uploaded of it soon. Probably will post pictures of my apartment as well - will be the first time I have ever lived in one (always had a house, and lived in the dorms at college). After that, don't know - everyone might just have to wait till Hoot or Freebird call me and talk me into hiking the PCT! Peace.

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