Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is the end

Made it into camp around 9:00 and the Ranger took me to the Birches. Reserved for NOBO Thru hikers only - and only 5 miles from the summit! Ate and went to bed as quickly as possible - some of the hikers were getting up at 2:30am to try and catch the sunrise - no thanks. I got up at 6:00. Couldn't sleep well anyway - kind of like Christmas Eve at this point. Was doing ok with everything till I rolled and put my tent away that morning (the 30th). It finally hit me - this was it - in 3-4 hours I would be at the top and it would be over. I just sat down and cried a bit - sure you can see that my eyes are puffy in the picture. Hard to see it end.

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