Thursday, October 2, 2008

river fording

13 of the 14 states that the AT travels through - they have these wood or sometimes wood and metal structures that we can walk across the rivers on. I think they are called bridges?!? Not in Maine - they pride themselves on making it harder on us. Of the 9 fords that I had to do - this was the deepest by far - check me out - knee deep and I stopped to take a picture. Hum - is the water cold, in Maine, at dusk, in the fall - YES. Water levels weren't bad - the SOBO's that had the 20 days of rain (when I was in the hospital) would have had it pretty rough. I did have one that I had to take an optional high water trail - it was raging and would have needed a kayak - those pesky hurricanes kept dumping water on us! I found it easier to just take the pants off (vs unzipping the legs), throw on the crocs and you are ready to go.

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