Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I believe the expression is . . . shaved

Well - here you go - a picture of me all smooth. I'm not going to lie - I was pretty skittish for the first couple of days that I was back. Driving on the highway was a bit much. I freaked out on the second day - I was still wearing the same clothes that I hiked in, and still had the facial hair, but I was no longer Blaze. I got up early the next morning and shaved which made me feel a lot better. I know that I am no longer Kevin, but I am no longer Blaze either. Have to find out where on the spectrum I am. Because of that - I am not making any major life decisions till Feb or March of 2009. I let my Leave of Absence run out - so I am no longer at my previous company. Maybe again someday, but the fluorescent lights and cubicles were freaking me out when I went down to save my hard drive and see friends. That's a tough transition from the trail. They are having a "welcome home, see ya" happy hour for me tomorrow night. For not having a job - I have been really busy! Figuring out bills / insurance, spending time with friends and family, and getting my truck running again - its filling my days. Miss the quiet solitude that the timber provided. Miss the trail a lot. Already. I've looked at my blog several times. If Hoot mails me the video of my summit - I might add it. Need to watch it again and then decide. Have been in email contact with a lot of hikers - seems like everyone is in the same place. Not sure what to do - and already missing aspects of the hike. Had a job interview today for some seasonal work, and am trying to get on with a local gear shop - I need to be close to the people and the gear for awhile. I'm passionate about it - so should make my soul happy - which is my only objective right now. Happy and a little bit of cash - as the medical bills are daunting - even with insurance. Just going to bounce around with friends till spring. Then, who knows, maybe still in KC, maybe Portland, maybe Austin, and researching several cities in Colorado. Note - AT Thru hikers in those areas - email me and I will come out to see you / sleep on the couch / work for stay. : ) Oh - and I met with a premier tattoo artist this week - shared my journey with him, and came up with an idea for a new tat. He should have sketches done next week - and of course I will put the pictures on my blog. If you want me to post pictures of me sleeping on friends couches or floors - just let me know. : )
Go get some sun on your face. Peace


Morgan Miller said...

ALL SMOOTH????????
I don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

You look good, dude.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, I think I saw you running down Mission Rd this weekend----welcome back and while I am very sorry you aren't coming back, I am happy for you too. Best wishes,
Mary McCarthy