Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blaze wins the AT!

And here is the sign that I had been chasing. Took 184 days to make the summit - but I did it. I was number 366 to sign in at Baxter but know there is a pretty big group still behind. Sundance was able to get my summit as a movie clip and is going to send it to me - which I will add to the blog. It is raw and emotional - I was crying enough that I almost made everyone else cry. It was so great to finish - back in Vermont, in the hospital - I didn't know if this day was going to happen - but it did - and even with taking 24 days off for my sickness - still did it in just 1 day short of 6 months. 4/1/08-9/30/08. Class of '08. I am an AT Thru Hiker!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude, if anyone won, you won. Crooked finger, Lyme meningitis, Rutlanditis, and an anti-slackpacker. Well done, friend.

Amy said...

Love, Sweet Spud

Amy said...

Sorry- posting with another friend's blogger.